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Upcycled Fashion

What is Upcycled Fashion?Rhetorical Factory Upcycled Fashion

Upcycled Fashion is a relatively new term used to describe the recycled clothing movement. Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality and/or for better environmental value. The idea is that upcycled clothes are more valuable than what they were originally, and more than simply re-cycled. Upcycled clothes are pieces of art.


Designers and DIY-ers Upcycle

In the upcycled fashion field each designer has a distinct approach for combining textiles into new garments. Skirts are made from men’s shirts and ties, sweaters are upcycled into full length jackets, scraps are pieced together to form patchwork pants; there are tons of ways to use the huge resource of clothes already in existence to create something new again. Upcycled Fashion is also popular in the DIY scene. With upcycled fashion each person can alter their own wardrobe to be more distinctive and expressive.


Creating New Trends

The upcycled fashion movement is changing the entire industry because it allows the customer the opportunity to evaluate what they want. More people are looking for something unique, sustainable and inventive, as opposed to simply trendy. The fads and trends in the upcycled world are influenced by the intricate details of how the garment was re invented. This allows for great variety.


Rhetorical Factory Hand Printed ClothingIs Rhetorical Factory Clothing Upcycled?

Rhetorical Factory is a recycled clothing company, and one could also say we are an upcycled clothing company. The reason we tend to use the word recycled is because we don’t go as far as many upcycled designers do to completely restructure each garment. While we have developed great designs that fit within the upcycled fashion movement, we focus on keeping good quality used clean clothes intact and adding a splash of hand printed art. We want to make it clear that these recycled clothes are completely carbon neutral; some upcycled fashion contains new fabrics. We are waiting to fully step into the restructured clothing world until we can use 100% recycled content and be sure to maintain a high level of quality.


Why Buy Upcycled?

There is great value buying upcycled fashion, and even upcycling pieces from your own wardrobe. For one, no one can copy you! Moreover, re-evaluating how natural and human resources are used is crucial as factories continue to produce clothes at a rapid speed. Our planet cannot withstand the current level of waste that is being created every day. Buy and wear upcycled fashion, and when you get compliments friends, encourage them to take part in upcycled fashion movement too! Changing the game will only happen one person at a time.

There is PLENTY of upcycling left to do so we invite you to join in!

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