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Upcycled Clothing

Asheville Upcycled ClothingWhat’s Up with Upcycled Clothing?

Creativity. Ingenuity. Vision. Thriftiness. Sustainability. Whimsy. All can come into play when an item of clothing is upcycled. Like any medium of expression, upcycled clothing takes many forms. Some designers deconstruct clothing or other textiles in order to sew them into something new. This “repurposing” creates a new look out of old items. At Rhetorical Factory, we collect and clean discarded clothing that is in excellent condition, and then hand print one of our original designs on each piece. This process infuses our recycled clothing with art and energy.

Why Wear Upcycled Clothing?

There are significant natural and human resources that go into the mass production of clothing. When you chose to buy a piece new instead of one that is upcycled, used or repurposed, you are adding to the strain that fast fashion puts on the environment and human rights. The low cost single item of mass produced clothing comes at high cost to the planet and to many of our fellow humans. Upcycled clothing allows us to update our style without creating unnecessary waste or exploitation. Not to mention that upcycled clothing is fashion forward, original and authentic. At Rhetorical Factory, our process ensures that each piece is sincerely one of a kind. We allow you to showcase your ethics and aesthetics.

Where Can You Find Upcycled Clothing?

Right here, of course! Seriously, we are adding upcycled shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, sweaters and ties to our website all the time. We also encourage you to shop around online, or in your town. A quick internet search for “upcycled clothing” will lead you to many treasures. Beyond that, you may be inspired to create your own upcycled clothing. We encourage your creativity! Please let us know if you have any questions about upcycling, we are happy to help however we can. Upcycled clothing involves seeing beauty and potential in things that could be seen as waste. Shifting our perspective to see the resources around us can lead to many wonderful discoveries.

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