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Here's what people are saying about Rhetorical Factory:

Amazing to think that a sewing machine and passion for printing transformed into an entire store! Congrats!
-Kyle Sherard
So very excited for you all & the shop & for myself too! I love all the clothes I've bought & have had the chance to model for y'all :)
-Jerri Bella
I adore Rhetorical Factory's ethos in re-creating unique clothing while simultaneously diverting it from the landfill. Each RF piece I own is not only one of a kind but worn with the knowledge that I helped sustain our planet. Boom Boom! That's the kind of synergy we need to make happen here and now! Thank you, thank you!
-Tiffany Narron
Very excited to have you join our West Asheville business community!
I love my Rhetorical Factory tee and am looking forward to wearing it lots more once the weather cooperates.
- Alice io Oglesby
Very excited to watch the evolution of the stylie question mark bloom into a larger presence in this wonderful world of expression. Thankful, Used car dealers and used clothes dealers have little in common! Never stop Questioning! (sticker anyone?)
- Howard Hanger
I truly adore the Rhetorical Factory. The clothes have this wonderful hipster quality and the their sustainability mission is inspirational. I have enjoyed working with this company and look forward to seeing it grow. Best of luck!
-Shannon Covart