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To group clothes into sizes, we measure straight across each shirt at three points, and have a model try it on to confirm our size categories.

Our sizes are verified by real life models, whose measurements we are beginning to specify below. Compare your own measurements to the guide we use, which puts all of our clothes in realistic categories on the "forgiving side of average".

Contact Us if you have any specific questions, we will be happy to give you more thorough measurements for any one of a kind item!

We appreciate your feedback!

Women's Sizes

  Bust Waist Hips
XS 26”-30” 22"-26" 24"-28"
S 31”-34” 27"-30" 29"-32"
M 35”-40” 31"-34" 33"-36"
L 41”-45” 36"-49" 37"-40"
XL 46”+ 40"+ 41"+

Men's Sizes

  Shoulders Trunk
S 15”-17” 26-30"
M 17”-19” 31-35"
L 19”-21” 36-40"
XL 21”-24” 41-45"
XXL 24”-28” 46-52"

Below we are presenting photos of our models with their actual measurements.
You can click on each image to go to that size in our store.

Kim Rhetorical Factory Women's Large