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Sincerely One of a Kind

No single piece of clothing by Rhetorical Factory will ever exist twice.

Rhetorical Factory Sincerely One of Kind Clothing

"One of a Kind" is a term used loosely by many and literally by Rhetorical Factory.

We sell clothes from all eras, for all sizes, representing an infinite number of styles. The art we add takes it to the next level, with no exact combination repeated.

Since the clothes are all different, the real value of each item  becomes clear when matched with the unique person-hood of the owner. Check out our Facebook album Belonging and you'll understand.

Committing to non-mass-production presents us with many unique challenges, but it's why we exist and we think it is worth it.

Isn't it exciting to shop Sincerely One of a Kind?


 C.M. Laster in a Vintage Recycled Tie      One of Kind DressQuestion Mark Tie