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When you think about buying second hand clothing, the first image that comes to mind is a thrift store. At Rhetorical Factory, we’re big fans of thrift stores, in fact, much of our recycled clothing comes from the “bins” in the back of our local Goodwill. That said, we also know that shopping at thrift stores can be time consuming, sometimes dirty, and with no guarantee that you will find what you want. With that in mind, we are offering you an alternative to thrift store shopping with our online store.

Benefits of Buying Second Hand Clothing Online

When you buy second hand clothing online from us, there are many benefits. For one, our clothes are highly curated, so you can be assured that anything you buy from us is well-made and comfortable. On a global scale, purchasing second hand clothing is more sustainable and earth-friendly than purchasing new, mass produced clothes. Moreover, buying from a small, independent company such as Rhetorical Factory instead of a corporation has the benefit of encouraging innovation. In our case, you are also supporting ethical business practices.

Giving Second Hand Clothing New Life

An exciting thing about buying second hand clothes from Rhetorical Factory is that we give these clothes new life. By adding original screen prints to recycled clothes, we turn used clothes into works of art. Rather than languishing at a thrift store or ending up in a landfill, our clothes are infused with energy and care. On top of that, each piece is one of a kind, allowing you to express your personality with fashion. We have a variety of prints and styles to choose from online, you are sure to find a combination that suits you!

A Superior Shopping Experience

We have put a lot of time and care into our website, ensuring that when you buy second hand clothing online from Rhetorical Factory, you will have a positive experience. We want you to feel at ease on our site. The models you see in our store are not professionals, but real people we know in Asheville, NC. People like you. In terms of navigation, it is easy to search our store by style or size or print. So, while digging through piles of unwashed clothes is one way to find second hand clothing, we are happy to give you a home shopping option as well.

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