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Recycled Garments

13 million tons of clothing is discarded every year in the U.S. and only 15% is recycled.*

At Rhetorical Factory we are committed to using only recycled garments for our clothes. When you look at fashion today it’s basically impossible to keep up, and the environment can’t support the rate we are using and discarding our resources. So we went ahead and made it cool to wear recycled garments.

Consider all the bonus points you are earning just by looking good...

Reducing Waste Rhetorical Factory West Asheville Recycled Clothing

      * Recycled garments stay out of landfills.

Showing your Style

      * Our screen printed recycled garments
         are always one of a kind.

Spreading Consciousness

       * You inspire others to question consumption
          by wearing recycled garments.


We invite you to look through our highly curated
collection of recycled garments:

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* According to the US EPA.