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Recycled Clothing For You

Rhetorical Factory is a Recycled Clothing Company.

Defining Recycled ClothingRhetorical Factory West Asheville Recycled Clothing

One of the first questions people usually ask us is what does “Recycled Clothing” mean? They see our high quality,
incredibly diverse collection and wonder if we made each piece by hand. Of course not! Recycled Clothing, as defined by Rhetorical Factory, means second hand clothing in a second, third, fourth or even tenth life cycle! We do as little as possible to the recycled clothing we get from thrift stores and donations, in order to keep our prices affordable. Our recycled clothing is always immediately laundered, checked to be of high quality material and construction, and stain and rip free.

What We Do

We exist for the purpose of recycled clothing. Because there is so much produced, purchased and discarded every year, we decided to tackle this problem completely. We pour our own resources into measuring, cleaning and finally adding hand printed art to the recycled clothing we collect, and through this process we bring the value back. Our original screen prints make the recycled clothing into authentic art pieces, a truly valuable commodity.

The Value of Recycled Clothing

Recycled clothing has a lot of value. It is important to remember that each garment is hand made - even though it was probably mass produced in a factory thousands of miles away, it was still created by human hands. That sort of a history makes recycled clothing like a damsel in distress - and Rhetorical Factory her knight in shining armor! Recycled clothing is softer, cleaner, and more unique than anything one could find at the mall.

Highly Curated

Thanks to the systems for recycled clothing that Rhetorical Factory has set up, we can offer recycled clothing to you in a clean and curated fashion. We should all be making a shift toward purchasing exclusively recycled clothing, but few fashionable men and women can afford the time and unpredictability of shopping at thrift stores. Rhetorical Factory exists for the masses, offering recycled clothing as an alternative to brands produced in sweatshops, and encouraging supporters to spread this awareness.

Make a commitment to shop recycled clothing from now on. Start with us!


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