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Recycled Clothing

Rhetorical Factory is on mission:
to recycle clothing, inspire questioning, and to be 100% good.

We recycle clothing to offer an ethical and inspiring way to dress. The methods we have for producingRhetorical Factory West Asheville Recycled Clothing and purchasing clothing in the mainstream today are damaging on many levels, and noticeably change the way our clothes look and make us feel. Rhetorical Factory was created to offer quality clothing, and to inspire people to question our destructive patterns of consumption.

Our work is inspired by the objects and colors of the past. Images that symbolize self-reliance, humanity, and sustainability. Our taste in clothes is classic and simple. A garment from Rhetorical Factory is more than a thrifted or brand new shirt could ever be, because we are putting back the human touch and energy that is lost in most clothing today. Our clothes feel softer, cleaner and more alive than any other brand. It's attention to individuality that makes an experience with Rhetorical Factory so different, each article of clothing was made for one person so it's character is allowed to shine. We are not trying to market a handful of designs to all of the people, we are offering an unlimited selection to the few who choose to seek integrity. 

The Process
  • our clothing is second hand and comes from donations, thrift stores, and flea markets
  • each piece is selected based on high quality standards for wear, fit, fabric content and design.
  • recycled garments are printed with original designs
  • the particular object featured in each hand made screen print has a story behind it
  • all scraps and¬†remnants are saved for future Rhetorical Factory projects (Zero-Waste Production)

Learn more about us in this video:

Find out how Rhetorical Factory is 100% Good