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One of a Kind Clothing

One of a Kind ClothingWhat is One of a Kind Clothing?

One of a Kind Clothing is rare. Many companies use the term “one of a kind” interchangeably with “unique” which has lead to a haze around the true meaning of the phrase. Only when there will never be another piece exactly like it is a garment is one of a kind. What we do at Rhetorical Factory is add art to a piece of clothing that is already unique, to make it truly one of a kind. A vintage polka dot blouse is unique, but a vintage polka dot blouse with a mason jar screen print is something completely different altogether. 

Limited Run Screen Prints

Rhetorical Factory will only ever have ten of our original screen prints in production at a time. Once we have a new design and an old one has served it’s time, each piece that exists with that original print will not only be a one of a kind piece of clothing, but also impossible to reproduce. During production, each piece by Rhetorical Factory is hand printed. All throughout our process we address the individual qualities of our clothing. Even though the one of a kind clothes we make will wear and fade over time, they will retain the value they earned through our energy and care - just like any other canvas.

Why Create One of a Kind Clothing?

Is it crazy to put this much work into each one a of a kind garment? Most companies make a listing online and sell from it over and over again. Creating sincerely one of a kind clothing is the service we provide, and it shows how much we value people and resources. The product of the mass producing monoculture that is the greater fashion industry today, has created a problem we can solve. People are tired of dressing the same, and unfortunately most clothing manufacturers are motivated by money not value. Our aim is to slow down fashion, to inspire a long deep breath and really evaluate each one of a kind decision, each one of a kind shirt, each one of a kind person and opportunity to make art.  

You Deserve One of Kind Clothing

People are one of a kind, and they deserve clothes that are one of a kind as well. The colors and patterns in new and vintage clothes engage each personality differently. Moreover, the attraction to a screen print is influenced the passions, hobbies, and interests of a person. When an individual spots their one of a kind clothing piece from Rhetorical Factory, they know it and we do too. It’s a cosmic match more than any other shopping experience could offer.

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