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  • Where does the clothing come from? 
    We shop at second-hand stores, primarily the end-of-the-line locations where digging is required, we also receive donations from patrons.
  • How are the prints made?
    By hand, every step of the way. It starts with a useful and nostalgic item that we already have, a picture is taken and converted into a printable format. Then we build a screen and prepare it with light-sensitive emulsion, place our desired print on top, expose it to light and hope for the best!
  • Where do the images come from? 
    Most of them are photographs of simple and useful objects we already use, but the tree and silhouette come from an old painting.
  • What’s the inspiration?
    Simplicity, past and future.
  • Why Rhetorical? 
    The word is inspiring and open-ended enough to encompass any art form we might pursue. I (Bethany) picked it a long time ago when I was making jewelry and used it later for photography too. It also just so happens to be in line with the belief that art is open to interpretation.
  • Why the Question Mark?
    “The question mark logo is intended to remind us to engage in life with an attitude of wonder, and to second-guess all we have taken for granted. Only by questioning ourselves and the way we live may we ever see our mistakes and our successes. Questions shed light in a sometimes dark and ever changing world: our only chance at progress is to ask why.”
  • Where are your items sold?  
    All over! At festivals, and soon at our Flagship Store. And you can find even more options on our retailers page.
  • You probably don’t do larger sizes...? 
    Sure do! Best found online and by request.
  • Return Policy?
    Wares are exchangeable during the same season for size or functionality reasons.
  • Repair Policy? 
    We will fix any Rhetorical Factory item that has a fault in construction.
  • Do you sell Wholesale?
    Love it! Email rhetoricalfactory [at] gmail to get in touch, see our breakdowns and upcoming lines.
  • What happens to leftover fabric?
    There is no such thing, we save every scrap. The tiny ones and bits of thread become stuffing, bigger pieces and different materials accumulate until an appropriate project is invented.
  • Can I give you my old clothes?
    Yes, in fact a large portion of our supply comes from friends who  donate! If you’re in Asheville you can arrange for a pick up, and you'll be able to drop things by the store when it opens.
  • Can you print on my favorite jacket?
    Sure, any garment for only $10.

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