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Asheville Clothing

What Defines Asheville Clothing and Style?Asheville Clothing by Rhetorical Factory

Asheville clothing and style is, as you would imagine, very eclectic. People who live in Asheville come from all types of places, and when they come here they bring clothing from their previous lives. Soon  they start mixing in the Asheville Clothing style which is colorful, often sustainable, artistic and often one of a kind. As a person spends a little more time in Asheville, their clothing becomes less a matter of defining their role in the world and more about expressing their artistic and creative side. Expectations are loose and edginess is appreciated.

What Ashevillians Expect

When it comes to Asheville clothing, many folks expect their options to be sustainable. There are many talented clothing designers who use recycled fabric somewhere in their process. At art shows and in local boutiques Asheville clothing is found to be unpredictable and right on the forefront of what is considered cool. Some Asheville clothing may even seem strange at first, but that’s because we are ahead of the curve!

Rhetorical Factory and Asheville Clothing

Having operated in Asheville since 2010, a lot of Asheville clothing is Rhetorical Factory. Customers have been finding our wares at local festivals and stores for several years, and they remember the experience. Over time we have recycled a lot of Asheville clothing that has come from donations, so the community vibes double and triple as folks wear and share, buy for each other, sport to support and on and on! We would venture to say that Rhetorical Factory is the very essence of Asheville Clothing; sustainable and expressive art as different as the people who wear Asheville clothing.

Asheville Clothing by Rhetorical FactoryOffering Asheville Clothing
to the Rest of the Nation

The rest of the nation is beginning to notice what Asheville has going for it - it’s special spirit. One of the best parts of Rhetorical Factory is that we are ready to bring that spirit to the rest of the nation with a sample of Asheville Clothing.

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Photos by Zaire Kacz