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New Earrings!

Wooden Earrings made in PolandOur world exists naturally without borders. I feel lucky to consider all earthlings neighbors, so while I support and uphold the value of shopping locally, I also believe in supporting sustainable and artistic enterprises around the world. Especially small ones! These beautiful earrings are made by hand in Poland. They are just natural wood cut from sticks with and without bark. Very simple and elegant, reminding us of the epic and accessible beauty all around us. They are made with surgical steel or sterling silver posts, and also come as a pendant. LOVE! Google+

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Twitter and Journalism

I don’t listen to NPR any more. Unless it’s Garrison Keeler or This American Life. There is such thing as “news” for sure, and we need that information. As large as this nation is, we need an objective account of what happens, so we can evaluate the status of our culture and find our place within it. I stopped listening to NPR the day the reporters personal feelings became part of the “report”. Every news report is colored with the opinion of the writer, and that is not okay. The number one reason that’s not okay is that our papers and news outlets are all owned by massive corporations who have an interest in shaping public thought and opinion. A...

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Question Everything

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" And to say nothing. Like a muscle unflexed will lose strength and disappear, so our individual and collective voices will cease to be part of the conversation guiding the world if we don't speak up. Questions, especially the rhetorical ones, are the one step we can take toward changing this world that doesn't put up a border between two sides. Asking a question is a neutral expression of one's own voice that also draws in the listener. When used correctly, a question can make an otherwise defensive situation neutralized and open to change. Even when a question isn't second-guessing, just asking for information, it encourages...

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Robin Williams

Robin Williams is an ego that belongs to the human race. His career and the range of the characters he played impacted many areas of our culture and spanned generations. The way he died is out of line with how we see him- let us use this as an opportunity to learn, to question. Can we separate the human in his role in our world and the role itself? Imagine a person as quick, talented and impressive as he. The potential of that personality is basically unlimited, and indeed he challenged himself and rose to the occasion again and again- testing that personality, developing characters within it and doing those characters justice. Using his talents to make people happy, but...

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What's in a Name.

Folks have been asking recently about the name “Rhetorical Factory” and how it came about. So let me tell you! I used a swirly question mark to label everything I made when I first started making things to sell- around 4th grade. The ultimate dream was that I would one day see someone with something I had made and be able to look for the question mark and be sure it was from my hands. In middle school my brother wrote an essay on leadership or something and the word rhetorical was an important part of it. Maybe it just stood out to me because I was so fascinated by what it meant. It seemed scholarly but mysterious- not the...

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