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Holiday Gift Guide

At Rhetorical Factory we have something for everybody, and it's all exclusively ethically made. All of the brands we carry are good-for-the-world, usually it's either made from recycled materials and workers are paid living wage, or is owned and operated by independent artists who source their materials thoughtfully.  If it is Rhetorical Factory Brand, then all of the above are true. Check out these great options for the different special people in your life!Available Now At Rhetorical FactoryOpen Every Day 11am-7pm444 Haywood Road Sisters and Friends Moms Girlfriends and Wives Wooden Earrings from $10   Fair Trade Scarves, Gloves  and Hats from $25     Recycled Business Card Holder $14.00 Local Honey Earrings from $10 Grace Kelly Laster Art from...

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Pick Your Print

It's the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one this season- an upcycled piece of clothing made just for you!   We have a huge selection of unprinted items in stock, from t shirts to jackets to brand new hoodies. The best way to start your piece is to email me at bethany@rhetoricalfactory dot com and tell me what type of garment you want (style, color and size) and what sort of art you want on it. You can choose between direct prints or patches and applique! I can also add phrases, words and letters priced per letter. Start Brainstorming!Love, Bethany Google+

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LEAF Festival

I had a great time attending Lake Eden Arts Festival this beautiful fall. Phil Cheney was invited to perform live painting, and I was lucky to take up the offer to attend as a guest! He had a well crafted setup, and luckily several golf carts helped us out here and there. Phil invited me to paint some as well. I made the rookie mistake of starting with a blank canvas...                             But I really like what came out:   Light Don!!   We listened to some beautiful music while painting, my favorites were  Les Cafetaras, The Revelers and Shannon Whitworth!    It's always wonderful to be...

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Does anyone even care if things are original any more? In trying to figure out how exactly to define the term "original" I found myself looking for the key component that makes art what it is. Is it the inspiration source, the concept, the actual drawing or first recreation? Can you mass produce it, project it? Art could be considered original when it's the first physical form of an idea the artist had and illustrated, be it through music, color or design. For visual art, would you agree that art is original when the picture, down to the first sketch, no matter the media used to create it was created by the artist originally? I certainly like art that comes...

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Leg Warmers

These leg warmers are really fun to make. I developed the perfect size topper for most calves, made from soft organic cotton and spandex, and attached to the bottom part of a sleeve. The sleeves come from sweaters and turtlenecks- which I use for tank tops and vests! These legwarmers are truly warm, come in a variety of colors and textures and can only be found at Rhetorical Factory!   LOVE Bethany Google+

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