February 24, 2011


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Wendell Berry

Checkin' out some good perspectives on community, I discovered a collection of essays by Wendell Berry, it introduced some new ideas to me, and clarified others.

Goods and services are being mass-produced in one place, and transported to where they are needed, leading to a global economy. This separates the people and places producing from those consuming, replacing a natural cycle with an artificial one, money being the representation for the energy exchanged. There are some negative side effects that come from this process. When those who produce do not consume that which they produce, there is a loss of interest in the integrity of goods and services created. When those who consume are not associated with the production, there is a loss of appreciation for the integrity of those items produced. Not a loss of expectation for a certain value, but an ignorance of what really went into that product: the land, families, and community which made it possible for such an item to exist. Neither the consumer nor the producer is at fault in this equation. Both produce something and receive money with which to consume what they need to survive.

Is this what life is about? Existing? No. Life is about appreciating existence.

There is more, including some solutions. But right now I have a potluck to prepare for.



Oh, Little Red Bird

Winter's come and gone, a little bird told me so!!
Rhetorical Factory: Question Everything
"For apart from inquiry, apart from the praxis, individuals cannot be truly human. Knowledge emerges only through invention and re-invention, through the restless, impatient, continuing, hopeful inquiry human beings pursue in the world, with the world, and with each other."
Paulo Freire (Pedagogy of the Oppressed)
shout out to aaron steed. a phenomenal friend, musician and birder!!
you surely recognize our beautiful model, Kayla Bott. Kayla is Asheville's Hostess of the Year. A creative girl and trusty friend.
January 12, 2011


Merrrrr (y) Winter

I'm enjoying the snow... and not at the same time. It's darn cold, and we aren't supposed to get this much in Asheville! I've been told not to say it, but I think we should get used to this.... and maybe start preparing our roads a little better?!

Luckily the Factory has been unhindered


November 17, 2010


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somebody's FABULOUS!

Thanks so much to Sharon and Leslie and everyone from TRASH inc. Their first annual Trashion Show was a great success! It was so much fun to see what other amazing designers are doing with recycled materials. I think Asheville is gonna LEAD the CHARGE in an awesome consumer revolution

Check out the article and full gallery in the Mountain Xpress!

I was lucky enough to have some really studly models wear Rhetorical Factory down the runway! Thank you so much guys you looked awesome!



November 11, 2010


Come see the Trashion Show!

Featuring talented Recycled Clothing designers, food from Loretta's, and drinks!

November 10, 2010


Building Website

Yay our building's website has had some sprucing up done!

Thanks to my next-door-neighbors Dan and Emily at H1 Design Group

ChaChaCheck it out:


October 26, 2010


Before Long

Please check out some awesome events coming up involving your favorite factory!


Pre-moog fashion show at the Circle in West Asheville

These kids are putting together something really fun, so come on out and show your love!

6pm: Party Kick Off
7pm: Runway Show
8-10pm: Reception & DJ Dance Party

Located near Harvest records in "east" west asheville


River Arts District Fall Studio Stroll!

November 12th and 13th Friday and Saturday

You can feel free to stroll around our charming and inspiring area, and find out what most any artist is up to. We will all have our doors wide open, I'd enourage you to to take advantage of the best studio stroll all year!

My studio is Upstairs in the Riverview Station building, enter near the antique store and follow signs up, to the right, and down the hall.

There is SO much great art to be seen, and you know it's going to be gorgeous weather.


One More Thing

T.R.A.S.H. Asheville's hot new recycled materials store is hosting an awesome fashion show and after party Friday November 12th

Check out some inspiring recycled get-ups including the latest and greatest from rhetorical!





October 22, 2010


Arm Warmers

100% recycled

Arm Warmers

Available for purchase at Hip Replacements in downtown Asheville or by direct order!

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October 18, 2010

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Get Some in West Asheville!

Rhetorical Factory Apparel is now available at

find Men's Vintage Button Downs and Neck Ties


The Circle 

find Re-Invented Notebooks, Kid's Clothes and Leg Warmers!



October 05, 2010


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Website Bonanza


I am getting ready to  launch some new fall clothing products at Hip Replacements in Downtown Asheville, and I've also been working on my website, which will be groovy and live Wednesday.

So, go to my etsy (http://www.etsy.com/shop/RhetoricalFactory) and check out all my new listings,

come see me at the West Asheville Second Saturday Art Market!

Come visit my studio anytime I'll be working on new inventory, and would be happy to help you see which style suits you best.  Have a great fall!