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Mason Jar Print

Each screen print has a story behind it. I actually take a photograph of the object I want to represent, and I require that it have sentimental value. The theme for the prints has been "simple mechanics", tools objects and concepts that are essential to our culture and civilization. The Mason Jar has got to be one of the most simple illustrations of this. The way jars found their way into my heart was through their usability. As a broke artist food was something I never wanted to waste, and I didn't have the interest in buying fancy dishware, so I saved all my salsa and jelly jars and used them over and over again to carry water. The Ball...

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Cassette Tape Screen Print

This screen print was the forth one ever created by Rhetorical Factory A tape cassette speaks perfectly to the theme of Simple Mechanics as well as our philosophy A tape is an actual physical record of sounds created in one place and time, subject to the physical world. The invention of the cassette took the art form of music to a whole new level by making it shareable and portable. When we play a cassette, we become a true audience. Forced to slow down and listen to an album or compilation in the order it was intended. The concept of a mixed tape started with the cassette, transforming modern romance and deepening friendships! This cassette, Electric Sixties is one of...

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The Garden of Earthly Delights

When I was preparing to do my first screen prints, I went to the library to find images in art history books. What I was looking for was anything that inspired me, and was also public domain. I came across a few very cool images which ended up not turning out so well during the transfer. Of that type of inspiration what  I ended up using the most were two very simple, somewhat symbolic images: the "Tree" and the "Lady" is how I refer to them. They both come from the same painting by Hieronymus Bosch: The Garden of Earthly Delights. I wonder if you can figure out which images I used, it took me awhile to find them again!...

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