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Safe and Spacious Place

I live in a Safe Place. How many people can say that? Not many in the world. I’m sure people in my district, my town, my state, my country even my street probably cannot say they live in a Safe place. Victims and witnesses of domestic violence can’t say that. Gravely sick people don’t live in a safe place. People of color can’t say they are safe every single where they go, many know safety rarely. Huge areas of our nation are being torn apart with gang violence, places where people hear gunshots daily. Across the world for combatants and witnesses, war is their reality. So many of us know peace, yet we create our own discord. We fight with...

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How to Change your Family.

This is the the buying season of the year, remember to support what you believe in with the gifts you buy!Luckily Asheville as well as the internet is full of ethically crafted clothes, jewelry, tools, and art so it's easy and fun to shop with integrity. Especially the next two weekends.The thing about this season is we get to pass a little piece of our mindset along to those we love who are often outside this local community. Many of our families don't recycle, they go for quantity of gifts rather than quality, they expect us to eat mystery food and fit into the roles we assume in that family unit. It makes it difficult to spread enlightenment and encourage...

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Does anyone even care if things are original any more? In trying to figure out how exactly to define the term "original" I found myself looking for the key component that makes art what it is. Is it the inspiration source, the concept, the actual drawing or first recreation? Can you mass produce it, project it? Art could be considered original when it's the first physical form of an idea the artist had and illustrated, be it through music, color or design. For visual art, would you agree that art is original when the picture, down to the first sketch, no matter the media used to create it was created by the artist originally? I certainly like art that comes...

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Home in the Mountains

On a rainy morningthe fog rolls inand staysrain dripscollectsand rolls down gulliesinto yards roads rivers and streamsThe views millions of eyeballshave seenOceans of mountainsThick with our dreamsmemories, and ways of getting bythe Oldest shapescarving a Home into my heart. A pathway into my Life.   One of a kind and custom pieces comprise this 828isgreat Collection. All garments pictured have sold, email for yours! Dresses $72 Hoodies $62 Shirts $42   Love! Bethany Google+

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Talk with me.

I have had more interesting and deep conversations in the time since we opened our doors than I can count. Actually when I was in high school the big rhetorical plan had been a cafe where people come to exchange ideas and question... so it’s fitting that this component remains true!One person brought up the same thing I wrote about last week, the growing of Asheville and how she plans to leave soon, has stopped saying “welcome” but now says “why are you here?” to the new neighbors. 
I went to a chamber of commerce meeting to learn more about what they do and found out about their big and successful economic development plan to bring 5,000 jobs here, through...

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