The other day I was cutting off  my hair, and my stylist who has grown up here in Asheville was relishing our town's growth into a city.

I noticed a few months back going downtown and walking around, then coming back to West Asheville and feeling a considerably slower pace. Like an island feel in comparison.

Two or three times a day the traffic on Haywood Road is at a stand still in front of our shop. I know it's that way at least a mile up the road to the bakery.

There are these birds called Chimney Swifts that gather for sleep every night in a chimney right outside my bedroom window. I love to watch them circle and land there. They will be on their way south soon. Last week the flock startled me, they were moving much faster than normal. I watched for awhile and determined they had grown in numbers.

According to a study I heard about on Radiolab, the pace of city is directly related to its size.  They recorded the time it took an average walker to take a step and drew all sorts of accurate conclusions- predicting how many libraries, fire stations, schools the city had just based on it's citizens average footfall. Bigger cities move faster.

Asheville North Carolina is growing. "Hype City USA"

We have a stronghold here. A Bubble at 444 Haywood Road.

I love it so much.  And I am trying to keep it slow.

talk soon


Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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