Tangential Asides

Tangential Asides.
This was the spark for our fashion show at the Mothlight last Thursday. 



The artist and collaborator Phil Cheney and I have been adding extra art to clothing at Rhetorical Factory. It’s part of this next phase of recycling clothes that gets to spring out of our process here- there are many items that don’t make the cut to be straight cleaned and printed on and we file them away.
Scraps of clothes we’ve used for other things are also “filed away”
This has become a steep collection of textile scrap for the future art of Rhetorical Factory, something I’ve been preparing for since the beginning.

So, because of our zero-waste commitment we are thrilled to now be bringing you this line of intensely original garments embellished with shapes, colors, themes, and words. I’ve released several new art screen prints and Phil Cheney has pulled several of his own from the vaults and also made some new arts for the line.

“Tangential Asides” clothing pieces come in several Levels based on how much we do to any given piece.  There is a constant stream of newly modified clothing flowing between the studio and the store, leveling up all the while. Each garment is documented making it a collectible work of art.

We encourage hand washing and cherishing of each item to maintain it’s value.

Level One pieces are $39.00 Level Two are $45 and Level Three are $59

This is the over arching structure, with exceptions for exceptional pieces.

Right now we have a special on Tanks with one of the New Prints for only $25...

Come see what we’ve been up to!

love from me to you-



Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams



Curt Wilson
Curt Wilson

July 25, 2014

Fun at 444 ! AND love your neighbors. I miss the ruskie lesbians i met at LEAF and traded some “letter themed” stiched goodies I still cherish.I need a new wallet…

phiL cheneY
phiL cheneY

July 25, 2014

it is SO much Fun to participate in this PROject!

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