Lately, I have been working on consistently perusing Instagram to find similar brands and like minded people who would be into what we do at Rhetorical Factory, and likewise inspire our perspective. What I've found is really amazing, there so many artists and entrepreneurs who care about making the world better through business. That's the dream!

The cool thing about facebook, instagram, twitter and all those modes of communication is that in the end it's real people on the other side. Sure- if you're only going for hype you can find thousands of shallow connections and fake profiles, but when you really want to be involved in a conversation it takes only a little time to get in touch with people on the same page.

So is the story with Bethany Tran from The Root Collective.

I've been looking for ethically made shoes ever since I found out how hard they are to find, and through the hashtag #ethicalfashion I landed on these awesome shoes made in Guatamala!

I had a good feeling even before talking to Bethany about selling these shoes at Rhetorical Factory, but once we started exchanging emails I was even more fired up. She cares about all the same things; bringing value to the work of artisans globally, allowing customers to connect to the difference that money can make as it changes hands.

Slowly but surely we are giving people the opportunity to invest in a better situation for people all over the world- a global economy that nourishes people with good intentions. It's better than putting money into salaries at a non profit- it puts money into the economy and makes the competition about Quality and Integrity not the Lowest Price.




Try them on at Rhetorical Factory 444 Haywood Rd Asheville NC 28806
Starting Today!


And look online too at www.therootcollective.com



Model Faye Foley is a dream- like her on Facebook

And check out our blog Next Friday about the new line for the Re Fashion Show... can't wait to show you the results of some creative work.

Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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