Bonnaroo 2014

Rhetorical Factory went to Bonnaroo 2014


It was by far the worst festival we have ever participated in. Having paid $1450 to attend and earning less than half of that back. If we hadn’t made a dime but had meaningful conversations with people that would have been worth it, but the attendees just weren’t “there”. The reason is that 80,000 people having paid $300 to attend are herded through the sunny pastures and ripped off at every corner. The true vibe of this festival showed all the way through- they have but one priority- to make money. It showed in the quality of sound at the stages, the incredibly nasty facilities and the vendor coordinator we never met who overbooked vendors in favor of the fee which left the crowd oversold and disinterested in the art booths. We talked to our neighbors and they had the same experience.

But hey, at least we know how to have fun!


Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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phiL cheneY
phiL cheneY

July 11, 2014

the trash-strewn pastures say it all… sure, if One were selling $8 bottles of water or $45 for 3 gooey Greek sandwiches, they might have a chance at breaking even. My favorite part of Bonnaroo (aside from a brief visit to Dear Friends in the plush Interior section) was Our Booth Oasis.

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