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Working at Rhetorical Factory

Before I tell you about how I feel working at Rhetorical Factory,  I have to share with you a little bit of myself prior to Rhetorical Factory.  I moved to Asheville 3 years ago from living only blocks away from Time Square, NY City.  I have been a freelance portrait and magazine photographer for 15 years. I was hired to photograph numerous personalities, many interesting people and my work has been published in dozen of different countries. Then my daughter Lulu was born!  I took a break from work to raise Lulu.   Now my daughter is 9.  We are in a new environment, if I decided to return to being a commercial photographer, I would have to establish myself all over again and spend a lot of time on promotion which was not my favorite. I appreciated the art of photography but deep inside I love working with my hands even more.  During my years of working as a photographer, I  neglected all my other interest such as drawing and painting. After a short time in Asheville, I reestablish my love for painting again and  I acquire even more skills such as sewing, playing the violin, crochet  collecting feathers and making them in hair accessories and the list goes on.


In the meantime, I know I need to return to work but I will not settle on any job just to pay my bills. I want a position that I can learn and grow but also allow me to be my own individual rather than a sheep and drown in boredom.
Last Christmas, I met Bethany at her old studio on Lyman st for a Holiday Cards making party. I was immediately captivated by her drive and ambitions.  I said to myself that I can learn a lot from this vivacious individual.  Within minutes of meeting her, I inquired if she needs a part time worker and told her that I am really good at using the X-acto knife as one of my many skills.  Over a month passed, I got a email from Bethany to get together for coffee.  I was running late and had to leave my house in pajamas. Turned out it was not a coffee date but a job interview.  How comical and wonderful that I was hired in my pajamas. 
Now I have worked at Rhetorical Factory the past 4 months.  Mostly, I help Bethany in production.  There is never a dull moment. I am working with my hands and learning something new everyday.  Bethany always reminds me  that my inputs and presence are valued.  Sometimes I don’t even want to leave after my shift is over. This is indeed my perfect job, not to mention that I am big on recycling.


At Rhetorical Factory we sell Joanne's headbands and an ever-changing collection of her work!


  • phiL cheneY

    This is very nice to read and even better because I experience this in real Life by knowing and working with Joanne! What Fun. Very nicely done, indeed!

  • Eddie Cabbage

    Joanne is awesome! Lulu is the sweetest little girl. While at the shop she played me a song on her violin and drew me a picture inspired by a poem.

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