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Thanks You Phil Cheney!

I have so much respect and gratitude for my friend Phil Cheney

Phil recognized this vision and hung in there throughout it's fruition, making a huge difference with not only a ton of work but constant encouragement. 
It was hard to be patient with myself over the last year, and difficult to always keep my head up looking forward to what would come of all the distracting strife with simple permits, but he was there to remind me how great it would be. He was so right. Having a person be so dedicated while really expecting nothing but to be involved, showed me time and time again that this thing is real. If someone like Phil Cheney is inspired, you know it's got to at least have potential!

Phil's art is for sale here at Rhetorical Factory. It is the only gallery besides his studio that can boast a collection of any kind. I hope you'll consider supporting this man and his carefully honed art form. His use of color will transform your home and probably your life.





  • phiL cheneY

    I am just now seeing these lovely responses, Pat, Joe, Kevin, Dan and Bethany, all of You kind, creative and generous People! Love to the heights and beyond!

  • Shalamazoo

    Hear yeah! Hear yeah! Let it be known that the Hon. Phil Cheney has been elected as the next wax statue in Madame Ulbssad’s Wax Emporium!

  • dan

    Is the painting of the moose available for sale? It was painted at my wedding last summer and I’ve been trying to track it down for a while now. Please say yes!!!!!!!!!

  • kevin hardy

    i love phil! miss him too!

  • Patton

    I agree with both of you!! You are both amazing and lucky to have each other. It is what makes the journey worthwhile. I have admired Phil and his work for 20+ years… He is at once mysterious and familiar, comforting and sincere, and his work is 100% inspired and unique. Asheville is lucky to have such a talent and human in its bloodstream. We are also lucky to have your store, talent, vision, and good vibes as well. peace

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