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Keeping it Real with Ralph

Working on our first ever Flagship store is such an Adventure!

Right from the beginning we knew that we only wanted to support sustainable, small, local and near contractors and artists to work on our space. This way every dollar has a fighting chance of staying in our community, and supporting like minded pursuits. It has been very rewarding to get to know every individual putting their time and skill into making the store operational and beautiful.

Our most recent arts addition came from the one Ralph A. Frank Jr. in the form of a hand painted sign and windows. Ralph has been hand painting signs (the old school way) for around 40 years. He is one of the most humble and positive souls I have had the pleasure of knowing, and I'm really glad Rhetorical Factory gets to benefit from his work.

Check out some pictures I took of the time he was here working....

Thanks for Checking In, can't wait to see you This Spring!




  • Yvonne Brumbeloe

    Ralph did my shops Sign here in Columbus Ga right before he came your way! Love everything he does! You should see the fabulous Trash Can at Uptown Columbus!! Dancer and Artist extrodinair !

  • Amie Walsh

    Ralph is an amazing artist and painter. His work, his passion has so much love behind it and always puts a smile on my face whenever I see it. It can be found on buildings, at music festivals, in friends homes, coffee shops….heck, the man can make a trash can look like a masterpiece. He is a beautiful soul with many talents. You should check him out on the dance floor…which is where met. :-) Happy he was able to spread his paint, his love there in Asheville.

  • James Falkenberry

    Ralph is a true human being and a great friend. The world needs more Ralph Franks!

  • thomas cook



    thankz 4 the love……………………

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