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Safe and Spacious Place

I live in a Safe Place. How many people can say that? Not many in the world. I’m sure people in my district, my town, my state, my country even my street probably cannot say they live in a Safe place. Victims and witnesses of domestic violence can’t say that. Gravely sick people don’t live in a safe place. People of color can’t say they are safe every single where they go, many know safety rarely. Huge areas of our nation are being torn apart with gang violence, places where people hear gunshots daily. Across the world for combatants and witnesses, war is their reality. So many of us know peace, yet we create our own discord. We fight with...

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Time in Lines

"Time" really doesn't happen in a linear way even though we think it does. Our brains can't handle it but our bodies do. We are such a makeup of our ancestors, all their strengths and weaknesses and feelings and habits. Global changes seem to come out of nowhere- maybe they come from the "future". The "past" continues to effect the present, for instance how styles and trends are repeated often based in the past. Even the past's science fiction and ideas of the future dictate how we modernize. I really just think everything is happening all at once and consciousness could be so much more than it is. Maybe we just have to evolve to experience it.  9/18/2015 4:53pm

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Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

Give everyone a voice, seek first to understand. We can talk to our friends who mostly agree with us and try to change each other’s minds, or we can inform ourselves of what people who we don’t agree with are thinking. Disagreeing with someone's opinion doesn’t make them wrong, and it doesn’t make them go away. So why not save some breathe and just listen to what they are saying? I know we are good at letting the tv talk, so how about we don’t overpower or demean someone we share oxygen with just because we don’t want to hear what they will say next. Be brave! We are so afraid of each other and the actions one another’s ideologies...

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Strange = Change

It’s not strange to feel uncomfortable in the presence of the unknown. It isn’t weird to be afraid of people or things that make you feel uncomfortable. It isn’t odd to become aggressive when you feel afraid. It’s not out of the ordinary to cause harm when you feel aggressive. It’s not unusual to feel in control by causing harm. It isn’t freakish to feel powerful when you’re in control. It’s not bizarre to want to do something with that feeling of power. It’s not surprising when conflicts appear from discomfort. It’s normal when conflict leads to war. What we are experiencing in the US right now is completely ordinary. Strange=Change

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Confused? Me too.

It was a long slow process leading to the decision to close the Rhetorical Factory Flagship store. At first all I knew was that I didn't want my vision and hard work to go toward making my landlords money leaving me stressed out whether I had earned enough or not. On the surface they are nice guys but when it comes to business they will pull all kinds of tricks to get what they are after. I understand them and I don't blame them for being a product of the system they are trying to succeed in. I just take a little pleasure in pointing out the truth. I'm not a fan of it, but then that's why I'm not...

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