Rhetorical Factory is on a mission to recycle clothing,

inspire questioning and be 100% good.

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Every day we are resurrecting rejected clothing.
Because we add original art to second hand clothes no two pieces will ever be alike.
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Going Viral

January 23, 2015

What would it take to make Rhetorical Factory a success? Is something people often ask me, and the answer only comes in the form of more questions:What is Success? From the moment I set out to create Rhetorical Factory it has been successful. With a three-part mission statement I really have always felt that whatever I am learning and doing here is worth while. I am learning about business, being creative, and making waste into a resource. That has always felt like success, even when that meant sacrificing personal comforts. Possibly even especially then. What is Financial Success? Since we opened the flagship store last year, we have re-purposed roughly 1,500 garments. That is so much more than ever before,... Continue Reading →


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